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Kawasaki Hydraulics

Our genuine Kawasaki Hydraulics pumps, parts, and Kawasaki Swing Motors are ready for your next big job.

Are you in the market for a Kawasaki swing motor? We offer the M3X and M5X motors that are designed specifically for the swing operation of excavators. These Kawasaki swing motor options will keep your excavators running smoothly. Kawasaki hydraulics products are available at CN Hydraulic Parts LLC as well.

The M3x and M5X are designed to allow a compact motor with the cylinder part, attached valves part, and brake part arranged in a manner that allows high functionality with an extraordinarily small footprint. The mounting flange has been significantly enlarged, allowing it to be connected directly with the ring gear on a reduction gear. The motor has built-in relief and make-up valve elements to drive the swing functionality via the connection of the piping to the motor port from the control valve.

Kawasaki hydraulics parts and pumps have been designed with cutting edge technology, materials, and weight reduction. Whether you need a pump for your mining operations or a Kawasaki swing motor for your excavator, be assured that Kawasaki hydraulics are the result of years of design and trial. The parts have been machined to the perfect measurements, which means there will be no additional friction from ill-fitting knock off parts. Cheaper parts lead to more breakdowns, and as a result, more lost work hours. Being the best means of bringing the best team and the best equipment. We want to provide your team with the best pumps, motors, and parts available. CN Hydraulic Parts LLC strives to give you the best service around, with the best parts and best prices. Please call one of our service specialists today, or reach out on our site for more information.

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